Exhibition stands will be secured once a non-refundable deposit of 10% is received within seven (7) days of selecting that stand on the Campion Insurance Coach & Bus Show 2022 website. The rest of the payment must be received by Friday 2nd September 2022.

Any exhibitor who has not settled his account in full by Friday 2nd September 2022 will not be allowed to exhibit, and their deposit will not be returned. The CTTC reserves the right to re-allocate the site.

Exhibitors may not sub-let exhibition stands, unless with the expressed permission of the CTTC.

Letable space and associated services provided are subject to Irish VAT at the standard rate of 23% (note this may be recoverable from the Irish government by non-Irish exhibitors).

Exhibitors’ trade badges will be allocated on the following basis: 4 exhibitor badges per 9sq.metres. Additional badges will cost €3 each.


The exhibition catalogue will contain a brief description of each exhibitor’s display. Each exhibitor is entitled to a free entry in the official catalogue of up to 150 words. This wording should be emailed to before Friday 2nd September 2022


The provision of electrical fittings will be the responsibility of the Show organisers (CTTC). All electric wiring and installation work must be carried out by the electrical contractor hired by the CTTC, or one otherwise appointed by the CTTC.


It is not envisioned that any exhibitor will require a water / waste supply at their stand. Exhibitors who require such a service should contact the CTTC before 1st September 2022.


Exhibitors may hire furniture and flowers through the CTTC, or from contractors and suppliers of their own choice.


Whereas cleaning services are provided by the organiser, the exhibitor is responsible to the organiser for maintaining their stand in a clean state during the show.


While reasonable precautions will be taken, the organisers expressly refuse to accept responsibility for loss or damage which may befall the person or the property of the exhibitors from any cause whatsoever. Exhibitors are strongly advised to purchase their own comprehensive insurance.

The organiser is not responsible for any consequential loss experienced by an exhibitor or visitor to the Coach & Bus Show.

It is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the CTTC harmless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising from any accident or fire caused by the exhibitor’s machinery, exhibits or other property on the space allotted to him or brought into the exhibition centre.

The exhibitor is responsible for all claims in respect of death or personal injury, or loss or damage to property arising during the erection, exhibition and dismantling of the exhibitor’s stand. The exhibitor will indemnify the CTTC in respect of any such claim.


The entire risk and responsibility as regards all exhibits, and all legal liability arising, must be wholly borne by the exhibitor. The CTTC will not be responsible for any damage, breakage, or for loss arising from any source either in transit or during exhibition.


Exhibitors should ensure that the adequate safety precautions shall be in operation on their stand. The CTTC will have a safety advisor on duty and any recommendations make by the advisor shall be immediately adopted, otherwise the exhibitor will be deemed to be in breach of the CTTC’s regulations. This rule governs all that relates to the construction, display, dismantling and staffing of stands or exhibits.

No exhibition may light a fire, gas or oil appliance or stove, or have any naked flame, for any purpose whatsoever, unless with the approval of the CTTC to do so. All materials used in the decoration of Stands, or offices therein, must be non-flammable.

Permission for the cooking of food on stands will not be granted by the CTTC.

Any exhibits likely to prove dangerous for the public must be securely protected to the satisfaction of the exhibitor’s insurers, and be in the charge of a competent attendant. Starting apparatus should either be disconnected or not be within reach of the general public.

Any consent given by the CTTC for the exhibition of any product or for the use of any machinery or apparatus within this regulation may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the CTTC without any reason stated. The CTTC reserves the right to exclude any exhibit from the show.